Service Rates

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Winter Yacht Storage Program


Storage rates include haul/cradle/launch
Outside Storage:
$50.00 /foot
Frame and cover (plus materials)
$50.00 /hour
Inside Storage:
$75 /foot
Inside Heated Storage:
$115.00 /foot
* 25' minimum charge includes bowsprit and boomkin


For boats not launched by September 1st:
40% of the Winter Storage Charge


First week (or part thereof) $20.00 /day
Next three weeks $10.00 /day
Each additional day $5.00 /day


Heated battery storage
(includes labor for winter charging) $50.00 /each*
Outboard motors (small) $50.00 /each*
Tenders, inflatable rafts $150.00 /each*
Electronics $25.00 /unit*
Use of storage locker $300.00 /year
* Plus labor for handling


Environmental Surcharge 2% of invoice
Diesel Hazardous Waste $9.00 /gal
Gas Hazardous Waste $15.00 /gal
Shrink Wrap Re-bag Kit $25.00 /bag


Mechanical and general electrical
$65.00 /hour
Welding, machine work
$65.00 /hour
$60.00 /hour
Paint/varnish, fiberglass
$55.00 /hour
Carpentry, and rigging
$55.00 /hour
Electronics $65.00 /hour
$65.00 /hour
Interior cleaning
$43.00 /hour
All other work
$50.00 /hour
Overtime labor
Time and a Half


Travelift $105.00 /use*
Crane $85.00 /use*
Yard work boat $40.00 /hour*
Pressure washer $35.00 /hour*
* Plus labor


Night $25.00
Week $150.00
Month $500.00
Season $1,500.00


In the event estimates for labor and materials have been made, they shall not be considered binding. The charges shall be based on labor and materials actually supplied, calculated at the rates as listed above.

Rates are effective as of August 5, 2008 and are subject to change without prior notice.



  • Bills are due upon receipt.
  • Accounts not paid within thirty (30) days will be charged interest at a rate of 1.5% per month.
  • For jobs estimated to cost over $5,000, a deposit will be required.
  • While work is in progress, the owner may be asked to make additional deposits in order to keep the account balance under $5,000. These deposits would be due upon request.
  • No work will be done on any boat that has a balance due over sixty (60) days. Any work already in progress will be stopped until payment arrangements are made.
  • In case of litigation, any prejudgment interest, attorney’s fees and court costs will be added to the boat account as part of the unpaid balance.
  • Prior to a boat’s departure from the Yard, the account must be cleared, except by prior arrangement.


  • Owners and their families may work on their own boats.
  • Owners may not work inside any building.
  • In case of activity interference between the Yard and an Owner, the Yard activity will have priority.
  • In case of activity interference between boat Owners, the Yard will impose a settlement.
  • There will be no tools or equipment for loan or rent. Hand tools, power tools, extension cords, staging equipment, water hoses, ladders, etc. must be provided by those working on their own boats.


  • A written Work or Service Agreement must be established before the Yard will accept any work: hauling, launching, storage, repairs, etc. Inquire with the office.
  • Regular working hours are 7:00am to 3:30pm, Monday through Friday.
  • Boat launching and hauling will be scheduled for regular working hours only. The Yard will not be obligated to launch or haul a boat with less than one week's notice.
  • Dock and moorings are for the conduct of Company business. Any other use is secondary and must be explicitly arranged with the Yard. No boat is to be left at the dock overnight without permission.
  • All work at the Yard, dock and moorings will be limited to Yard personnel, the boat Owner and his family. All outside labor, which is performed at the Yard, dock or moorings, will be contracted by the Yard only.
  • All outside labor contracted by the Owner must be performed off premises, except for pick-up and delivery, which must be coordinated with the Yard.
  • Visitors and Customers are to inquire at the office before entering any building or boat other than their own.
  • Owner access to boats at the Yard is limited to regular working hours, unless specifically prearranged.
  • Under no circumstances can the Owner stay onboard while his boat is still on land.
  • Owner provided material installed by the Yard will entail a service charge of 10% of its retail value.
  • Vehicle parking: Daytime – in areas designated by the Office. Overnight – by arrangement with the Office, and the keys must be left in the Office.
  • Boats for sale in the Yard must be so listed with the Office. If sold by the Yard, a 10% commission will be charged. If not for sale by the Yard, the Owner will be charged for any time involved in showing or discussing the boat.
  • Boats, cars, equipment, etc. stored or left at the Yard are at the Owner’s risk. It is assumed that the Owner shall carry insurance for protection against fire, theft, vandalism and any other such hazards.
  • Yard employees are instructed not to directly or indirectly accept or negotiate gifts of any kind from customers, in order not to obligate the yard to provide preferential treatment to any customer. Any item a customer wishes to dispose of in the Yard will become the Yard’s property.
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