NYYC Cruise Dinner Party

Last winter, the New York Yacht Club approached us about hosting a dinner party for their annual summer cruise. Without hesitation, we said yes and began preparations for approximately 100 boats on the Sound and nearly 500 guests at our yard. Though we have hosted several galas for local non-profit groups here on Mount Desert Island, we had never accommodated such a large group of boats! While the 60+ feet of water along our shore provided adequate depth to dock the various yachts, it was apparent that we did not have enough dock space to place them. To solve the issue, a new float with three finger floats was constructed and launched before the fleet arrived. Two of our Somes Sound 26’s were borrowed for the evening to use as a launch service to taxi guests to and from the party.

Boats began arriving on Somes Sound at 8:30 in the morning on August 19, and by the afternoon, the number of boats on the Sound was quite impressive. The weather was ideal as guests began arriving for cocktails and socializing. At sunset, there was a flag ceremony to mark the event, and guests were treated to a delicious BBQ dinner provided by Bianco’s catering of Brooklin, ME. The ambiance of the evening could not have been better.  A nearly full moon provided a spectacular backdrop, and laughter and cheer were a common sound throughout the night. We were certainly honored to be a part of the New York Yachts Club’s cruise, and with a great collaborative effort from those involved, the night was certainly a special one.

Nautical photographer Alison Langley of Camden, Maine captured the magic of the evening on video; click the video below to view. To see additional still images from the event, take a look the slideshow on langleyphoto.com.

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